Lonesome EP

by Stoop Steady

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    After years of half-assing it, we are finally proud to present you the Lonesome EP. You can now own your very own digital copy of all the classic Stoop Steady tracks... and maybe even a little something extra! We are so excited to bring you guys new music this coming year and can't wait to see how you like the new electric sound with our pal and new member, Barrett Tuttobene! For now, enjoy the EP!
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released September 2, 2013

Vocals - Max Deeb, Christopher Otte, Scott Walker, & Dominick Gokgoz

Guitar - Christopher Otte

Bass - Galvin Chapman

Percussion - Scott Walker

Album Artwork - Maria Ikonomou

Producer - Dave Murdy

Back Alley Studios


all rights reserved



Stoop Steady Altadena, California

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Track Name: Lonesome for Home
When you're lonesome for home son
And something hostile is slipping up your nostril
Put me to your ear to
hear the sound
Tell me all the terrible thing you think of
When you're angry
Show me you know me
The sound of my voice-s echo
In a graveyard (ooh-ooh-ooh)
One place that i never dare to go

But sometimes in the
The green grass on the other side
Burn up to a crisp

I've been wasted so long
It don mean i've eared it
I've been wasted so long
Don't think it'll ever be my turn kid
I've been wasted so long

Damn these celebrities on the T.V.
Drippin' wet with their jewelry
They still vomit up a cause
They just tell you where to
Aim your wallets and you
Hold for their applause


[Chorus] 2x
Track Name: Too Far Along
Well, hey little girl
You look a little too clever
To settle for a man with a plot of land
Who could do better
So if you wanna join me in some apathy
It'd be my pleasure
In our adjacent complacent existence
Well we'd be together

They say the grass is only green
Underneath your feet if you're sober
Then how come psilocybin seems
To direct my dreams
It's exposure
Well I evolved from resolve to recompense
And all I need is a few more sense/cents
To call you up and to let you know that
You're terrible

But you're
You're too far along
(My friend you are)
You're too far along
(Are you scared to say)
You're too far along
(Let me tell you my friend)
You're too far

Along the beaten path is not where I asked
To meet you
I was covert from the dirt of the old desert
To the bayou
Well, lookin' for Eden
Freedom comes in doses
From the big fat plutocrats
To their upturned noses

Track Name: Raindrops
Saw a shadow of a
Human skull
So i opened my eyes and
It was
Yes your momma cried
Like the day you was born
And yes your poppa died
But the day you must not mourn
It's just a raindrop in the storm

I've been underneath the leaves
Of the jacaranda trees
since the first minute
I remember
Yo vevo en Las Lunas
I'm sick of all these humans
But i'm still in it
And I won't surrender

Slow, Slow
Hurry, Hurry
Golly, you're impatient
As four little legs
scurry down the pavement
Talkin' to myself when i am alone
Is the fondest way that i remember home.

Track Name: Runaway
There was a day when i could just run away
Just runaway and hide
but now i find that i'm trapped inside my mind
those days have died

Well i was hungry for my roots so sunday put on my boots
then i walked right past the church and hopped a train
(hopped a train)
Lord when that whistle blew
Aw who could not think' you
wailing for that suffering you became

Oh but when they found me breathing
bleeding' listless like a river
A roaming mind makes peace wit all it finds
But when i opened my eyes
buzzing tungsten made me blind
Fingers began to quiver
and teeth to grind


My head is my home and these cell walls are made of bone
just give me something to believe in
Too thick to penetrate,
my brain is a maze with no way to escape
So pack your bags we're leaving
...we're leaving

Well, i went down south to speak with an executioner
To ask him how he does what he does
He said son
It's that one
simple revelation
Laughed it off said because son
...just because


My head is my home and these cell walls are made of bone
just give me something to believe in
Too thick to penetrate,
my brain is a maze with no way to escape
So pack your bags we're leaving
...we're leaving

We're Leavin'